About the Bakers …

My husband and I own two funeral homes in rural Western New York. We have been in this area since 2003.

We have four children, though we are now empty-nest. Our children understand “hurry up and wait” and funeral directing humor, which might not be a necessary life skill.

Netflix is a good alternative to television. Books are good friends. I fall into the more introverted side of the personality spectrum which sometimes causes me to come across as uncaring. For this I apologize in advance to all who might develop this view of me; I apologize in retrospect for those who already have arrived at this conclusion. I really do care.

I am involved in our church where I “run the powerpoint” and teach the Women’s Sunday School Class.

I graduated from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science in January 2020. I anticipate fulfilling my Registered Residency at our funeral home and am excited for the next step in the adventure . . . .