Whatcha doin’?

I know that many have been somewhat stupefied by the limited number of posts that I’ve put out in the past few months, especially given Bud’s circumstances. I’ve been keeping it quiet because of my own insecurities, but I suppose it’s good for you to know.

In August 2017, Bud and I started talking about the idea of me getting my funeral director’s license. I did some praying and thinking. If you know me, you know that I’ve been declining this path for quite a few years. When I was homeschooling our kids, I felt like it would be too overwhelming for me to go to school as well. (Especially given that distance classes were not an option then.) After our children all left the nest, I wanted to just help in a supportive role and develop the media offerings of our funeral home.

And honestly, I’ve had to think about the physical aspects of funeral directing. I have never been drawn to sciences, particularly those that deal with the body, so this portion of the course seemed beyond my capabilities and interests.

So when Bud asked me once again if I would consider getting my license, I was the most pimssurprised to hear coming from my mouth, “Sure, I think I should do that.” So began my journey into funeral directing.

In September, I enrolled at Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science.  The second week of October, classes began.

Most of my courses are distance classes. I have completed the first module and am more than half way through the second module. It has been very interesting so far; and, honestly, pretty rigorous. Each module is eight weeks and during that time two or three college-level courses are completed. The whole course will take approximately two years, so I suppose I’m well on my way.

I have also already learned a lot–about funeral directing as a career and about myself. I’ve found that, as I intimated, I do struggle with the sciences. I also have learned that I am a panic-stricken test taker! These timed tests seem to just set off my nerves!

I have also had classes that have caused me to probe the field of funeral service in ways that I never did before. These thought-provoking “philosophy” of funeral service classes have brought me more into focus about the whole field of serving our community during funerals. Perhaps I will go back over my previous assignments and share with you some of our philosophy.

Anyway, you do know about Bud’s journey; and now, you know about mine. Clarifying the timeline, I enrolled for funeral directing studies about a month before Bud was admitted to Strong Memorial. I know that it will be tempting for some to think that I chose this path because of what happened to Bud. However, the more accurate statement is that God started me in this direction before Bud’s diagnosis.

I know myself; I would not have been able to make a decision and start classes in the midst of the emotional turmoil that Bud’s circumstances placed upon me. So, God spared me that hurdle. Now, I am looking forward to being the first husband/wife licensed funeral directing team in our area. Considering how well we work together, I anticipate that my having my license in funeral directing will just make our service all the better.

One thought on “Whatcha doin’?

  1. Linda, I am so proud of you and your decision at this point in your life. We have to know that it was a God decision – not yours. I will be praying for you for Him to help you with your studies and science issues.

    May God bless you as you serve together!
    Chris Cornell


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