A Time to Wait

That’s what this week has been; a time to wait.

Bud has had two cycles (of four weeks each) of the targeted drug therapy. At the end of two cycles, he gets a CT scan and MRI to evaluate the progress of the treatment. Tuesday, we went to Rochester for the testing.

Today we got results. To use the doctor’s words, the response of Bud’s body to the treatment is “phenomenal”! The small lesion in his brain is no longer evident. The larger one has reduced by 50%. The mass on his lung has reduced by 50%. The scan on his vertebrae shows that the bone is regenerating; the same is true of his hip. We are so thankful!

We are thankful for those of you who pray for him. We are thankful that we had opportunity for this clinical trial. We are thankful for so many things.

Even while we are receiving good news and are expressing our thankfulness, I am mindful of so many of our friends and family who are facing this giant and don’t have as much positive to report. We are praying for you every day. Battle fatigue for medical issues is a true obstacle and prayer from friends and family is so important.

Some have recently lost loved ones to cancer and are working hard to find a new equilibrium. The questions and the longings may be overtaking you. I think of my cousins and uncle who are living with the daily void that my aunt left when she went to heaven on December 15. I cannot begin to understand how they hurt. I will not offer platitudes and clichés. If I were able to just hug each of them, that I would do.

As my dear uncle stood beside my aunt’s casket, he said “Don’t cry for her.” Then he said, “Cry for us, that’s ok; but don’t cry for her.” What a tender heart to be so vulnerable and transparent.

So many hurting people; people looking for hope and help . . . As we forge ahead with continued treatments, we will continue to pray for you. And we humbly thank you for remembering Bud.pray-continually-gods-will

3 thoughts on “A Time to Wait

  1. Thank you for updating us that live beyond your walls,for Bud is a fav of alot of us ,give him and the fam a hug for me and send my love,and will continue to pray for him and the fam


  2. Somehow, this is the first we have seen/heard of Bud’s illness! We are grateful to for the good news that came with this bad news! Bud is responding to those treatments! We can pray for you both and your family! Blessings!
    Jan and Gib Knoop


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