Sloan Kettering

Our visit last week with Dr. Wu was another of those God-moments.

We drove to NYC and entered a different world. Navigating that city is a resume-worthy skill! There are so many people; there is so much activity; their leisurely pace is “fast.” It was just . . . other worldly.

Things slowed significantly after we stepped off the fourth four elevator at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. Noise subsided to nearly nothing, except the honking of horns below us and children playing in the school “yard” across the street. Once we were shown to a patient room, the quiet totally enveloped us and it was welcome.

Once again, God knew what was needed to give us peace in His plan. Dr. Wu is a humble soul who shared with us his expertise, knowledge, and opinions. He answered many questions and answered them well. At one point in the conversation, Bud began to talk about his relationship with God and his hope of heaven. Dr. Wu asked him to clarify something and then simply smiled. “Amen,” he said “I’m a Christian, too.”

And the relationship changed. Instantly we felt an understanding with Dr. Wu. Instantly we felt even more confident in his information as the Holy Spirit confirmed His presence. Dr. Wu did not give us an unrealistic view of the situation. However, he did indicate that he is hopeful for more time than we have thus far been told with regard to this strain of lung cancer.

He said that the timelines that the UR is working with (and other hospitals as well) looks backward on the old data and the old (chemotherapy) treatment. The study of this particular lung cancer (non-small cell adenocarcinoma, EGFR positive) is just emerging, as in about ten years. Dr. Wu indicated that the statistics have not been able to fully write in results of the new targeted drug therapy. And they don’t take into account that the drug therapy is now in the third generation of drugs. He is seeing great success with the drug therapy and is hopeful . . ..

Dr. Wu has confidence in the UR plan and the clinical trial. He indicated that even if Bud doesn’t get the more aggressive arm, that this study is a good thing. Getting the less aggressive arm will still allow Bud the standard of care treatment, which is the treatment that Dr. Wu described as “hopeful.” And being in the study will allow the collection of data to improve the possibilities in future treatments.

So, Dr. Wu was an encouragement about the possibilities. Once again, God placed a relative on our path to encourage and inform. God is good, all the time.

love one another

6 thoughts on “Sloan Kettering

  1. Looking forward to the time when I can give both of you a big supportive hug. Until then know that Roger and I are praying for you both. Thanks for these written updates, it keeps us in the loop and they are a source of encouragement.


  2. Linda,
    I don’t even know if you even know or remember me. That’s not even important compared to the trial you and Bud are facing. Bud is such a wonderful man. He has helped to lead our family through many difficult times. I know you also play a large roll in your family business. I have talked to Bud for the time when the Lord calls me home. I stand with you both and will be praying for your family. I must tell you quickly before I write a full length novel, Bud led my ex_ husband Blair to the Lord in his last hours. My children Michelle and Ernie along with myself and grandchildren thank God for your family, especially Bud.
    I am Casey Woods Grandma.


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