Hold On There!

My husband read my most recent post, “Remember this Conversation.” His reaction was “Wait a minute! I’m not leaving here all that soon!”

With all the talk of “going to heaven” in that posting, I think it’s worth mentioning … we are just on the cusp of beginning treatment. They didn’t send Bud home option-less. If you keep up with the “Mercies in Disguise” Facebook group, you know that this is a pivotal week for him.

Sloan-Kettering is ranked second in the nation for cancer treatments. On Tuesday, we will be there to get their opinion. We’ll be asking them if they have something different from UR-Strong; we’ll be asking their opinion of the plan that UR-Strong has given us; I’m sure we’ll be asking them many more things as well.

Unless there is a significant revelation, he will be starting treatment on Wednesday in Rochester. The doctors have given a general idea of what to expect of the future. But the doctors don’t factor in the “simple” things that Bud might be doing to help the process. He has eliminated all added sugar from his diet; and he has eliminated carbohydrates as well. It seems that cancer thrives on sugar, according to our research. It does no harm to take this approach, and it may make a great difference. Not only in limiting the food source for cancer, but in putting Bud in the best health possible for the coming treatments.

We are utilizing some herbs and oils on a daily basis. Once again, it does no harm and it may make a huge difference.

And our medical team has no way to factor in the complicated aspect of Bud’s personal treatment. They have no idea of how God is going to work in this situation. When you have no basis in understanding what God can do, you just cannot think outside of the box—you simply cannot fathom the greatness of God. The medical community as an establishment has factored God out of the picture.

Likewise, we have no idea what God is going to do in this situation. Our position is not one of ignorance, but of education and knowledge. Our God is so great, how could we ever hope to explain Him? Frankly, if I could explain Him, I wouldn’t want to worship Him. We have a foundation that is firm in the belief that God is Almighty and what He chooses to do, He can and will do.

Ours is the God who does miracles. Ours is the God who is the Great Physician. I want to be like Abraham when faced with the possibility of Isaac’s death on the mountain. He had never known of God to raise anyone from the dead, yet he was confident that God could do just that. He had no limitations upon God. I want to be open to everything that God can do; I want my attitude to be one of total confidence in Him.

Day to day, life goes along pretty much as normal. Our business is a priority for us, even more so right now. The personal reminder about the value of life inspires us to serve each family in the way that we would want to be served.

As we enter this week, we are so thankful to each one of you who has shared your love and prayers with us. God uses someone of you every day to encourage us and to comfort us. God has blessed us by your prayers, encouragement, concern and help. We’re thankful for soldiers on the ground, such as you, who regularly wrap your arms around us in comfort and hope and lift us before Him in prayer and love.

We are deeply grateful.


Image from: http://www.hamptonroadschurch.com/genesis/2017/5/4/genesis-22-the-binding-of-isaac

3 thoughts on “Hold On There!

  1. I have been follow your journey and I am impressed. I too am going through cancer treatment (since 2015) and know the ups and downs your husband is going through. It’s the “when and how long” that bother me.
    4 years ago my brother and nephew were cared for by your husband and i was impressed with everything.
    Keep up the fight. Prayers always


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