The Ocean in a Five Gallon Pail

I know my last posting was turbulent. I wanted to set the stage for this posting. From the middle of our second appointment, which lasted an hour longer than scheduled everything was so chaotic in my mind and in my spirit. I saw Bud losing hope and shriveling up within himself. I knew the enemy was there siphoning off our joy in drips and gushes. We were tossed about in our emotions, heaved with force out of our nest of hope.

And then we met Kathleen. She entered and quietly introduced herself. She had a few questions to ask Bud to “measure how he was doing.” When she got to the emotions of the situation, she pulled right up to the table and listened. And she made the connection. She could see the turbulence, the agitation, the shifting—all of it, very clearly. And she let Bud talk and share.

And then she spoke. “As a sister in Christ, I want to remind you . . . .” That statement alone was amazing and comforting. It was the catalyst that started to set our world right again. This soft-spoken, well-spoken Christian woman took the issues well into hand and started to deal with them.

She reminded Bud that the timelines are based on statistics and tables. But “I have seen the hand of God in this place,” she said. To God the timelines and tables are foolishness. He is not inclined to follow them. They are man’s attempt at a best guess at what is coming. “I want you to remember,” she said, “that you belong to Him and he has you right here.” This said as she placed her finger in the palm of her opposite hand and closed it tightly around that lone index finger.

And the chaos was pushed back by peace, by the Prince of Peace as he took control and said “Peace! Be Still!”

She continued to make an analogy – God, His being and His ways, are like an ocean. Man’s attempts at explaining God is like putting the ocean in a five gallon pail. We all know that will not happen. Yet we are so willing to limit God. It is our job to do our part and then to be still and watch the ebb and flow of the working of the Lord; observe and relish the beauty of the ocean of God.

“Kat.” This gracious woman with words of wisdom was placed there by God for Bud for that day. He knew exactly what Bud would need to carry him to the next thing. The ministry of hope that she has is pivotal in so many lives. We have been blessed by Kathleen.

4 thoughts on “The Ocean in a Five Gallon Pail

  1. Bud and Linda, I know this is hard for all of you as you have had to push activity aside and deal with the cancer first. Know that we are praying for you and trusting God to deliver, heal and replenish your mind, spirit and soul. Bud, God has given you an assignment and He will give you the strength to complete it. I believe God did not bring you this far to leave you. I am printing this off and sending it to Rick as you share your story. God is testing Rick too and there is a purpose for his pain. Rick is a believer, walking and trusting God for a miracle and he prays every day. I pray God will give all of you comfort and peace and remember you are one of us and if we can help in any way, we are here for you. We love you.


  2. Through Kat are words spoken from God. Remember that He has everything under control. Many prayers for both you and Bud, as well as for Kat and her invaluable ministry.


  3. We have Angels among us and it sounds like “Kat” was for sure sent by God to comfort Bud and his family. Thank you for sharing..


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