Running High

Emotions are running high these days. I don’t know exactly who coined the phrase or exactly what “running high” means, but I have an image in my mind.

The stream that runs through our town sometimes runs low, like right now. The Ashbaugh boys aren’t doing much fishing these days. The creek bed is open for some great rock hunting, though.

Sometimes the stream runs high. After days of rain, and with snow melting, that little stream becomes a formidable force. It is pretty amazing to watch it as it runs through Elm Valley and gains more volume. Sometimes it appears that the next little rivulet will be the one that causes it to wash out the deteriorating rail road tracks. Or maybe as it joins the creek on down the way, the result will be a total overflowing of the banks.

And you can’t see what’s happening below the surface. The current is running pretty strong, as if it’s on an urgent secret mission. It keeps moving, never slowing, never stopping.

That’s what I think of when I say emotions are running high. After days of pondering a cancer diagnosis, with the stresses of normal daily events, emotions can transform into a strong force. Sometimes I have found that the slightest little thing will create momentary meltdown. An unexpected comment might cause a total overflowing of tears.

What I have experienced is something similar to that stream. The stream goes along and navigates the lay of the land to the best of its ability, sometimes with some overflow. But at a certain point down the way there is a river, bigger and deeper and broader than the stream. The stream plunges itself into the river and becomes one with the river. The river takes on the stream and carries it through the valley.

As I move through each day, I have a lot going on below the surface. Those things that I prefer to not reveal as I struggle with transparency. So the current moves along, but during the movement I pray, meditate, seek; silently pondering submerged emotions. And then, I reach the convergence; I’ve come to the river. I willingly plunge myself into the river of God’s love, help, comfort, and resources.

And He takes me on and lovingly carries me through the valley.

So, even though emotions are running high these days, ultimately there is peace in this valley because He carries me.


2 thoughts on “Running High

  1. Thanks, Linda. Thankful to read that you’re plunging into that river. Praying for you and awaiting news of the next step. Love you, friend.


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