Avoiding *flowers.com

Yesterday’s post may have been a bit overwhelming because I just advised you what not to do. So now what, you’ve found the FTD site and located just the right arrangement. And you’ve nearly completed the ordering process only to be told that “We do not deliver in your area(!)” I understand your frustration.

Let’s not get all hung up on FTD; there is another source for flowers. The local florist. In our very rural area, we are very blessed to have several resources to go to … Doug’s Flowers, Way-to-Go Florist and Greenhouse, Kent Farms, Tami’s Floral Expressions, Hannigan’s. These florists are spread throughout our county and over into the adjacent county. Some of them will deliver to both of our locations; some to only one depending upon where they are located.

We love all of our local florists. They bring in your flowers looking so lovely and professional. If a stem gets broken along the way they provide a new one, or do what they need to in order to make the arrangement look great. They never expect the funeral director to fix a floral problem. They deliver, rain or shine, hot or cold, at just the right time all with a smile and a friendly greeting.

And we happily feature their information on our website, in the “Resources” section.

In looking at funeral home web pages, you will see that most of them offer some sort of assistance in choosing a flower source. If there is no suggestion, simply call the funeral home and ask them for referrals. It is much simpler give out a list of merchants over the phone than to be responsible for getting boxed flowers to look good in the vase.

You could choose an alternative to sending flowers. Many obituaries single out charities that were significant to the deceased. Donations to these organizations in the name of the deceased are encouraged. The organization that receives the donation will send a note to the family indicating that you sent a monetary gift, so you can be assured that your tribute is not just falling into a black hole somewhere.

You could choose to just send a card of condolence to the next-of-kin. Either to the one who is closest to the deceased or the person with whom you have a relationship. You don’t need to fill it with words. Just a simple expression that you are sorry for their loss is sufficient.

And finally, if the area supports it, in a week just order a pizza to be delivered to the family. By then everything will have quieted down, the leftovers will all be gone, and no one will yet be up to cooking.


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