What’s in a Name?

So as I have been contemplating this blog, I came up against the name. A person could travel down so many paths just in the choice of a blog name — some of them not so good.

I have a creative family, so I enlisted their help. I even engaged one friend, who I find particularly creative and I think she’s still puzzling over it. From the tone of her texts, I think she was laughing her way through the dark ones and still had not turned the corner yet. Maybe someday I’ll hear about those that had her in a state of “rofl” . . .

Back to my family … I got return texts that looked like this:

The Morbid Details
Lilies and Kleenex
We Put the Fun in Funeral
Grave Situations
The Many Adventures of Christopher Funeral Mouse
“I got nothing… I gotta think on that”
Life in the Business of Death (And the author immediately recognized that it sounds like an assassin’s blog.)
Grave Stories

But “Life in the Business of Death” did get me thinking. I looked for recognizable references to death and thought of one of the most used phrases in funerals … “yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death … ”  So there you have it “Lifeinthevalley.com?”

Research showed that this name with .com/.net/.org were all taken. These are the common extensions so now what? I really like the “life in the valley” part. An easy fix would be to add the word “my” … mylifeinthevalley.com. But I didn’t like that so much. So I started looking at extensions. Did you know that there are a plethora of extensions available?  As I researched, I found several interesting ones…

.coffee, .ninja, .cool, .shoes, .today, .rocks . . .

I paused on “.us” — and my conspiracy nature took over, feeling like this was putting a target on my blog. Hacker to Hacker friend: “Let’s crash all the domain names with the extensions of .us!” I know, ridiculous!

I even found “.rip” — yes, it really is there.

And the list of extensions just goes on and on . . .

And the list of extensions just goes on and on . . .

So I immediately sent that out to an analytical son-in-law and an edgy millennial daughter. My daughter loved it … lifeinthevalley.rip … just as I thought a millennial would. My son in law pondered it and posed questions.  I considered this one for awhile … Life/rip.  Ultimately, this one died on the vine because I felt like it sent conflicting messages (but I did enjoy the chuckle.)

I am just so not wanting to add “MY” — what an easy way out … But unknown extensions? What to do, what to do…

What not to do — not doing “my.” And so, we end up with an unconventional extension.


Remember, “Life in the Valley” is a blog from me, not my funeral director husband. Therefore as I might have perspectives that he does not, I think the extension is a reminder that the “opinions and interpretations found in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of our resident funeral director.”

More than likely in five years, multiple extensions will not be a big deal. But until then, you might have trouble finding me. So, keep the name handy and share it with others too!

So, what’s in a name? A lot of research and thought!

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