Life in the Valley

Welcome to the first installment of what is bound to be an eclectic blog!

This site is born of a desire to remove barriers, inform, and share life from a particular perspective. My husband owns two funeral homes in Western New York. This is a very rural region of our state. In our area, it is not uncommon for a funeral director to have his residence on the property of the funeral home.

I have spent the last thirteen years living nestled all around our funeral home facility. We have living space on the main floor; our bedrooms are upstairs; our school room turned family room is in the basement.

Throughout all these sixteen years, I have assisted my husband in various ways in the funeral service. I have seen, heard and experienced many interesting things. One thing I have heard over and over is “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death . . . ” This is the inspiration for the name of this blog.

The families that we serve are, in fact, walking through a very hard situation. Unlike them, I find that we are in this valley very frequently and it has been imperative that we have a real life while we assist others in navigating the valley.

I am not a funeral director. I do provide technical services for all of our funerals and memorial services. I am instrumental in the marketing portion of our business. I assist at funeral services and memorial services. As we are now an empty-nest family, I find that I have time for some creative aspects of our business.

It is my hope that I will share insights, humor, and information that will be uplifting and helpful. I also know that our industry has a certain threshold of mystery or fear attached to it. That doesn’t have to be so. Perhaps along the way, you will learn something that will remove the cloud for you. Of course you are welcome to ask questions…I’ll do my best to answer you.

So let the journey begin.journey

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